Featured Entertainment

Throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday, enjoy the sights and sounds of 1920s entertainers in the comfort of our Navy hangar. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or want to sit back and listen to some classic patriotic tunes, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Grace Street Seven

Jay Brown’s Grace Street Seven is a Vintage Jazz Septet that performs songs in the tradition of early American dance bands from the 1920s-1930s. Hailing from Richmond Virginia, where Grace Street was the center of music, shopping and nightlife in the Roaring Twenties– the name chose itself. Boasting a set list full of transcribed Victrola records, Grace Street Seven is sure to get your toes tappin’ to authentic prohibition-era Jazz and 30’s swing!

The Manhattan Dolls

Join us as we jump in time when patriotism was high, the First World War had just ended and everyone was proud to be an American; where feathers, pearls and dresses on the fringe of fashion were all the rage in every neighborhood speakeasy. These *Broadway Babies* can carry a tune and with a *Grand Ol Flag* in hand will tap, tap, tap their way into your heart. *When Johnny Comes Marching Home*, the Manhattan Dolls will be there to welcome him.

Theresa Eaman

Theresa Eaman began performing jazz standards during her early teen years in Reading, Pennsylvania. A classically trained vocalist, she specializes in jazz standards and reenacting the music of the World War II-era. She presents the listener with renditions of all their favorites featuring the stylings of the original recordings while incorporating her own personal touches. Theresa’s performances celebrate an era where music made people laugh, cry, and fall in love. Theresa has performed in New York City, San Diego, California, and throughout Idaho and Pennsylvania.

Vintage Lawn Games

In the spirit of the times, we will also be introducing a number of vintage lawn games for Biplanes & Brews, including: Lawn bowling, Badminton, Cornhole, Horseshoe and Croquet.