When you come to the Military Aviation Museum, you are in for one of the most fantastically historic experiences that Virginia Beach has to offer. In fact, this museum has become a 5-star rated attraction in Virginia Beach according to Google Reviews &

The Military Aviation Museum is not just unique locally. Our guests come from all over the world to enjoy our first class aviation museum. At the museum, history comes to life and takes flight. Come enjoy the sights, sounds, and even the smell of the “glory days: of military aviation.

Some Activities We Offer

• At the MAM, there are no sectioned off displays. Since the planes within our hangars are constantly moving and receiving maintenance, you can walk right up to see the enormity of these flight-ready aircraft.

• How many places can you offer your guests a ride on a 1941 biplane? Our museum offers our guests a thrill of a lifetime, as you can soar the sky in a completely restored WWII aircraft. Learn more about our Aircraft Rides here.

• To continue the explorative learning and history of WWI & II, we have reconstructed a real WWII Operations Control Tower, known as the Goxhill. We are very proud to say that the full restoration process is almost completed, you can read more about our goxhill tower here.

• How many places do you know of where you can dine among the airplanes? That’s right, you heard it. We host many events and private parties at right within our spacious navy hangar. We host anything from wedding receptions, military ceremonies, non-profit events, corporate dinners, and much more! If you have a private event that will be memorable and one of a kind check out our Venue Rental page.

Our mission is to help the generations born after World War Two understand exactly what Americans and their allies can and have achieved when they are called to action with a just cause. Each one of the airplanes in our collection tells a unique story about the men and women who designed them, built them, flew them, and all too often, died in them in order to very literally save the world seventy-five years ago.

We invite you to seek out those stories. Many of them told by our Docents during guided tours. Many more stories can be yours by just talking to our volunteers as you enjoy walking among the airplanes. Select a warbird to perform a flight demonstration for your tour group.