The Military Aviation Museum can help teachers choose the most powerful teachable moments and concepts to address the curriculum needs for SOL and STEM and to create maximum value for teachers.

From a Science and Math viewpoint learn how motion, gravity, kinetic and potential energy applies.  Why are two wings better or worse than one?  How does a larger surface area effect drag and overcome gravity?

From a History perspective, hear the stories and learn about the contributions of the men and women of military aviation to our country. Meet and interact with veteran pilots or “Rosie the Riveter”.

Let our Volunteers, several of which are retired teachers and principals, help you with your lesson plans.  The Military Aviation Museum’s ongoing mission is to preserve, restore, and fly these historic aircraft and to give a new generation the chance to learn what their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents might have endured on the lonely airfields and in the factories, and in the skies so very far from home.

– Enhance your lesson plans by applying real world challenges for your students to solve

– Live expertise in the classroom or virtually through Skype and other computer methods

– Science application planning and demonstrations on-site

– In-class volunteer mentors to enhance lesson plans and projects

– Guided Tours that talk about the stories of this era, not just facts and figures of the aircraft

– Speaker: Choose “Rosie the Riveter”, a Museum Pilot, a retired engineer or scientist.

Contact the Museum’s Education Coordinator to discuss partnering ideas! Arrange your visit and come see for yourself what we have to offer your students.

To discuss the array of opportunities that are available, please contact Abby Fulton, Education Coordinator at or call (757) 721-7767.