*Note: Our plane rides are only available during flight season April 23rd – October 27th.

Experience the thrill of a lifetime during a flight in an authentic WWII aircraft. Allow one of our veteran pilots to soar with you over the rural countryside of Virginia Beach, the Intracoastal Waterway and the sand dunes of the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge. Whether you are a history buff, an explorer or a photographer, we guarantee a breathtaking experience.

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To schedule a ride for yourself or buy a gift certificate for someone special, call the museum’s gift shop at (757) 721-7767 or at our online store.

Your ride certificate is good for six months from purchase date. It is transferable but non-refundable. The recipient of the gift certificate is responsible for contacting the Military Aviation Museum to schedule the flight either by phone at (757) 721-7767 or email at giftshop1@aviationmuseum.us.

You will be required to complete the Warbird Flight Indemnity Form prior to flight.

**We reserve the right to refuse the flight due to limitations that would adversely impact your safety, the flight, or the crew, such as height and weight, physical or mental impairments, health complications, or any other issues that the management or pilot deems a risk.

1941 Boeing Stearman

The Stearman (Boeing) Model 75 is a biplane used as a military trainer aircraft, of which at least 10,626 were built in the United States during the 1930s and 1940s. Stearman Aircraft became a subsidiary of Boeing in 1934. Widely known as the Stearman, Boeing Stearman or Kaydet, it served as a primary trainer for the United States Army Air Forces, the United States Navy (as the NS & N2S), and with the Royal Canadian Air Force as the Kaydet throughout World War II. After the conflict was over, thousands of surplus aircraft were sold on the civilian market. In the immediate postwar years they became popular as crop dusters, sports planes, and for aerobatic and wing walking use in air shows.

Ready your goggles, helmet and white flying scarf for a flight in the museum’s 1941 Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet. This open-cockpit flight is perfect for photographers who always wanted a bird’s eye view of Virginia Beach.

15-Minute Flight – $175
30-Minute Flight – $285

1989 Waco YMF-5

The Waco Aircraft Company of Ohio produced a wide range of aircraft between 1919 and 1947, and several companies operated under that name. The company ceased operations in 1947, suffering the same fate as many companies that anticipated a large post-war interest in aviation that failed to materialize.  The Waco Classic Aircraft Company was founded in 1983 that started production of new planes based on the 1935 YMF-5, the last of the classic barnstorming aircraft. The company used plans filed by the original company with the Library of Congress.  The museum’s aircraft was built in 1989 and was operated for 14 years carrying untold numbers of delighted passengers on sightseeing flights that introduce them to the sheer joy of the open cockpit flight of the classic biplane era.

Looking to share your flight experience with a companion? If so, then step on up to the Military Aviation Museum’s Waco YMF-5 biplane. This modernized spin on a classic aircraft is designed with a three-seat cockpit, perfect for the thrill-seeking couple.

15-Minute Flight – Single or Double Passenger, $235
30-Minute Flight – Single or Double Passenger, $375

Frequently Asked Questions

All rides are subject to favorable weather. If it looks like the ride needs to be rescheduled, we will contact you and agree on a new date and time.

We want you to be comfortable, but we do recommend jeans, socks and closed-toe shoes (leather shoes are best). Don’t forget your sunglasses! It can get chilly up in the air, so a sweater or jacket is recommended.

We ask that you arrive no later than 30 minutes before your scheduled time in order to fill out forms and receive your safety briefing

Yes you can, with specifics being addressed during your safety briefing.

If you are tailwheel endorsed, you can log any time that you are the sole manipulator of the flight controls. If you are not tailwheel endorsed, you must make prior arrangements to consider the flight a training flight.

Yes, you can. You can apply your gift certificate toward the cost of any flight you want, or you can increase the amount of your certificate to whatever you wish.

Our aircraft are maintained in accordance with FAA-mandated inspections and the aircraft manufacturer’s maintenance procedures. All maintenance is performed by FAA-certified and drug-tested Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanics that are on staff right here at the Fighter Factory’s maintenance facility at the Military Aviation Museum.

The Military Aviation Museum has an excellent safety record and pilots with tens of thousands of hours of flight time. The Military Aviation Museum has an FAA Letter of Authorization to conduct flights and maintains compliance with the requirements to do so, including aircraft inspections, documentation, and pilot training and proficiency.

Yes, the total weight limit is 340 lbs for all passengers on a flight. Additionally, every passenger must be able to enter and exit the aircraft under their own power and without external medical devices (ie oxygen tanks etc).  In the interest of safety, the staff or pilot may make the decision that it is unsafe to fly a passenger, at which point the museum will refund all ride fees.

Yes, but restrictions may apply. Rescheduling will be handled on a case-by-case basis and depend upon many factors, such as availability of the aircraft and pilot.